As a UX/UI Designer based in Paris, I have a diverse background in print design, art direction and 3D modeling. Passionate about creating varied, innovative and tailor-made projects, I bring a creative, attentive and pragmatic approach to proposing convincing solutions.
Holder of a Master's degree in Global Design, Research and Innovation from the Ecole de Condé, I started my freelance activity. I started by partnering with Make ICI, where I worked on coworking and third-place development projects and participated in the design of bespoke chandeliers for a competition. I collaborated closely with craftsmen, by carrying out 3D modeling for their furniture and layout projects. During this experience, I acquired self-taught DTP graphic design skills, which allowed me to take charge of the artistic direction of their communication on social networks, communication media and events.
As a freelance art director associated with NewTone Studio, I collaborated with their clients on branding, visual communication and graphic design projects. I was able to use my expertise in these areas.
In order to develop my skills in UX Design and UI Design, I attended a bootcamp on the Ironhack Paris campus. I am now ready to apply my knowledge and my range of skills to develop innovative, useful and user-centric solutions. Research in design is essential for me, because it allows me to best meet the expectations of users. My desire to learn and research is limitless, and I am convinced that designing for human beings will lead to relevant solutions.
Today, my goal is to develop my experience as a researcher in the field of design and to actively contribute to the development of solutions. I am open to professional opportunities and collaborations. Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss exciting projects in the field of UX/UI design.
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